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The Different Types Of Eye Sugery

There are a number of different types of eye surgeries including refractive surgery, corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, and oculoplastic (cosmetic) surgery.

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The Fairy godmother grants a wish and makes a couple very happy

Simon was peering through the window, feeling depressed. He had undergone an accident at work a few months ago and despite it not being too severe, there had been side effects and he and his wife were undergoing the symptoms. They had usually had a marvellous life together, full of romance and lots of bedroom activity but now things had been altered. He had erectile dysfunction and his GP couldn’t corroborate how long it would be until they could enjoy sex again. As a result the emotional side of his marriage was in trouble as well.

Although, Louise, his wife, understood that he had a physical condition, she couldn’t accept he didn’t enjoy her company. And she was feeling so sorry for herself that she had overlooked how disconsolate and emasculated Simon was feeling. Overall both were feeling discarded and low in spirit and the passionate side of their life had disappeared as there was no chance of romance, Simon couldn’t face the fact of sending little messages to Louis and bringing her flowers. They were in a rut.

Simon closed his eyes and wished that he knew what to do to resolve their crisis. A loud crash and a blinding flash amazed him from daydreaming any more. He looked up. There before him stood a large pink elf with silvery wings and a smiling face. “What can I do to assist you?” she asked. Simon distrusted the creature and seeing none, shook his head – perhaps he was hallucinating? “I think I have guess,” she said, “I get a lot of men looking as miserable as you and it’s always one thing – sex!” He felt a little insulted but she shrugged him off.

“Generic Viagra, that’s the best pill to change your condition. It will get you back in the sack in no time at all. And the wife will be satisfied no doubt,” She looked with concern at Simon and he nodded unhappily.

Disappear “Generic Viagra?” he asked. “Yes or generic Cialis. Both are incredible at rejuvenating a wilting sex life – I am not joking,” she grinned, “Sorry I can’t have them available now, but unless you have a pocketful of mice for me to change you’ll just have to buy them on the Internet like persons!” And with an ray of light she disappeared with the proverbial puff of smoke. Simon had no idea if he was confused or if he had actually gone mad but he went to the laptop and typed in generic Cialis and there it was! He was very excited and purchased some immediately; after all, it is not often that one is visited by an elf, who solves all your sexual problems in one swish of a wand. Two weeks later Louise and Simon had recovered their sexual energy, but not admitting to anyone that he believed in fairies!.

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LASIK Eye Surgery

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