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The Different Types Of Eye Sugery

There are a number of different types of eye surgeries including refractive surgery, corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, and oculoplastic (cosmetic) surgery.

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Stop Hair Loss And Re grow Hair With Laser

For those people who have waited until advanced stages of male or female pattern baldness have set in, there now exist a procedure that offers promising results in your battle against hair loss. Even if you are currently using hair loss products, laser treatments will improve your hair loss program. An effective hair loss tool If you have more advanced stages of hair loss and find that your current hair loss treatments aren't producing quite the results you want, don't give up. There is an effective treatment you can add to your arsenal of hair loss tools to ramp up hair growth. The laser hair loss treatment is proven to have a profound impact on hair loss and hair regrowth. The most recent studies reveal that 90 percent of the people that receive laser therapy show signs of reduced hair loss and or hair regrowth.

Around half of the participants in the study experienced results as early as 6 weeks and the other half between 6 to 12 weeks. Laser therapy amplifies the therapeutic value of oral DHT inhibitors. Studies have also shown that laser therapy improves the performance of quality oral hair loss products as well. For oral or topical hair loss products to be effective, they have to deliver sufficient amounts of their active ingredients to the essential parts of the hair follicles. Laser hair loss treatments improve the blood flow to the hair follicles where it delivers the DHT inhibitors administered by taking an oral hair loss product.

DHT inhibitors simply work better combined with laser treatments. More DHT inhibitor reaches the hair follicles. It Improves the benefits of topical hair growth stimulants. However, the good news doesn't stop here. Laser hair loss treatments also have improved the results people are getting with topical hair growth stimulants that contain Minoxidil.

The hand held laser. A hand held laser is very convenient and easy to use. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes three times per week at home. While hand held lasers are not quite on par with in-clinic laser therapy, they still are quite effective in treating hair loss. Beyond the initial purchase of the laser, there is no expense in administering this treatment from home.

The cost of in-clinic laser therapy accumulates with each visit making it more expensive. FDA gives clearance for compact hair loss lasers. The hand held version of the therapeutic laser has been medically tested and proven to be both safe and effective as a non surgical way of treating hair loss. The FDA cleared a hand held laser made by Lexington LLC as a medical device, and as a result, offers an attractive option for hair growth for medical practitioners.

Clinical results Lexington conducted an extensive clinical study in four different locations across the United States and submitted the results to the FDA according to their submission requirements. The results of the study showed that 93 of the participants (ages 30-60) using the hand held laser unit had an increase in the number of thick hairs. The average number of terminal hairs per square centimeter increased by 19 hairs/cm² over a six-month period.

During this study, there were no reports of serious adverse side effects. The number and types of adverse side effects were similar in both the active and placebo groups. Thoughts from the managing director of Lexington LLC. The managing director of Lexington LLC, David Michaels, had the following comment to make "We are very excited that we have reached a major milestone in hair care and science. Laser hair therapy is the talk of the hair restoration industry today.

Furthermore, not only were the results of this study extremely significant, but with the credibility of the FDA clearance, we are soundly positioned to make a substantial impact in the emerging hair restoration industry.".

Nicky Taylor CEO of http://www.solid-hair-loss-resource.com I cover many topics pertaining to hair loss. My web site is an excellent resource of knowledge relating to this condition. The laser hair loss treatment may be what you need to improve your results

LASIK Eye Surgery

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