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The Different Types Of Eye Sugery

There are a number of different types of eye surgeries including refractive surgery, corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, and oculoplastic (cosmetic) surgery.

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Sleep Well And You Get Fitter

Many fitness experts never even approach the question of sleep when talking about diets, workouts and all the other hype we get ! However the question is a serious one and one well worth looking at. I want to outline in this article how important a good night's sleep is in reaching your objectives and especially in getting rid of some body fat. Why is sleep so important? Deep sleep plays a vital role in maintaining the right hormonal balance in your body which in turn maintains your metabolism at a very high level.

This is just one of the effects of high quality sleep and if you can get a good night's rest, that is going to mean a fitter, trimmer body for you What goes wrong if you do NOT get enough sleep ? Well, the body does not get the rest and recovery it desperately wants and the hormonal balance is out which means that the rate of your metabolism falls and you get fatter. It is alarming to read of the number of people who have sleeping disorders. Why so many sleepless nights for so many people? Stress for sure plays a very big part as people cannot seem to relax and cannot close the shop shutters for the night ! I learnt some secrets early on in my youth as it was a big problem for me as I was an anxious teenager and was turning into a neurotic adult. These are some of the techniques I use ? maybe they will be helpful for you too, if you are suffering from lack of sleep.

Now, I can fall asleep quickly but it took a while to learn. 1. I cannot fall asleep on an empty stomach or even if I have eaten a snack. I will wake up later on with hunger pangs ? that is not good for a restful night. Nothing wrong with a light meal or snack before going to bed. Don't pay attention to those people who tell you that all the calories you consume after a certain time will be converted into stubborn body fat which will take you ages to get rid of ! Lots of slim Jims have snacks before retiring.

2. I had a gym instructor who told me not to do classes or workouts too late in the evening. He always told me that two hours before bedtime was the absolute limit. That assumes of course that you getting your workout earlier in the day so that you are tired when you do hit the sack.

3. My friends laugh at me because I cannot have coffee after 3.pm! Everyone is different but you just have to know what your daily limit of caffeine intake should be. 4. Lots of people recommend warm milk as a nightcap ? ideal with honey.

That helps you to relax. A healthier option is chamomile tea or mint tea an hour or two before retiring. 5. I love nutmeg but I found out that it is great for calming you down- a perfectly natural healthy substance. You can buy ground nutmeg capsules.

Some people even grind whole nutmegs in a coffee grinder and make their own capsules. I am too lazy for that ! Anyway the good thing is that nutmeg is a great antioxidant as well! 6. Clear your mind of all the rubbish it has been through during the day as you settle down to sleep. One idea is to write things down in a notepad ? these are the things that you have to do the next day.

It is reassuring that I will not forget them and that helps me to relax. I then try to visualize a peaceful scene- anything, a beach, a forest, a fireside scene - total relaxation. I have to concentrate but this is a great one for getting a peaceful night's sleep.

Lots of people have their own tricks for getting to sleep ? the main thing is not to take tranquillisers or sleeping pills. Keep it natural ! Avoid TV and the computer ? the light from these screens stimulates the brain into thinking it is daytime. It is not ! Good night ? sleep well! So, if you are GENUINELY interested in getting rid of that fat, take action to get the free fat loss report from the blog link below. Just 27 ways to boost your metabolism and help you find out the truth about abs !.

Robert Locke is an expert in Wellness. His blog is called 'The Wellness Bible' Click on the blog link to get a great offer on the truth about Abs.

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