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The Different Types Of Eye Sugery

There are a number of different types of eye surgeries including refractive surgery, corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, and oculoplastic (cosmetic) surgery.

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How to Inject Insulin

The word injection sends chills running up and down one's spine as visions of long sharp needles fill the eye. However, it can become less frightening and much easier the more familiar you become with how to correctly inject insulin. All over the world, syringe and needle is brought in use for the purpose of injecting insulin.

These days, insulin pens are gaining importance for this purpose and are easily available. The insulin is soaked up in the syringe from the bottle. Afterwards, this insulin is injected into patient's skin wherein the bloodstream absorbs the insulin. Insulin may be injected into several areas of your body where there is a deposit of fatty tissue present and where large blood vessels, nerves, muscles and bones are not too near to the surface.

Insulin is best injected into the belly due to rapid and reliable absorption. Stay away from the two inch ring around the navel, which does not absorb as well. Rotate each injection as shown in the illustration. Your physician may suggest different areas for injections, such as the back of your upper arms, thighs or buttocks.

Professionals in Health Care Institutes use some sterile practices for the purpose of injecting insulin which have been proved as needless. Clothes are also used by the patients to inject insulin from a long time. Various safety and professed benefits have been brought forward for the purpose of injecting insulin through clothes with the help of a new study coming into existence. Nylons and denims have also been used till single layers of the fabric to inject insulin. None of the cases of redness of skin or sclerosis or other symptoms of side effects were noticed in these injecting forms. Conventional and experimental programs did not bring about any variations in glycated haemoglobin level or the leukocyte level.

Blood stains on clothing and bruising were the only exceptional effects noticed during injecting through clothing phase of the study. Bruising was because of slight extra force needed to get the needle through the layer of cloth. The method of injecting through clothing came to be beneficial as it was easy to conduct and time saving. To conclude, injecting through clothing is safe and easy. The term given to injecting insulin through inserting syringe into the skin is known as 'insulin injection technique'. This is done in order to inject a proper dose of insulin into the patients' body.

For the purpose of making insulin injection treatment a success for yourself, your physician or a member of their team can assist you in learning this technique. Proper injection of insulin involves injecting at the correct depth into the skin. Often physicians recommend to get injected at the area where a high level of fat is present. If you inject too deeply, the insulin could go into muscle, where it's absorbed more rapidly but may not last as long; besides, injecting insulin into a muscle can hurt. If you do not inject deep enough, the insulin just goes into the skin.

This affects the beginning and time period that insulin is affective. Many a times, a fold of skin is pinched and from 90 degrees angle to the skin fold, a needle is injected into the skin for the purpose of knowing the proper depth. An angle of 45 degrees is maintained for getting comfort level if insulin is injected at an area where there is not too much of fat tissues. Follow your doctor's recommendation for taking insulin. Injecting insulin yourself does not have to be tough. Get in touch with your physician, their aide or nurse, if you are unsure concerning your insulin treatment program.

Becoming comfortable with giving yourself shots and staying away from commonplace troubles, insulin injections will become part of your routine that aids you in keeping on top of things concerning your diabetes.

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