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The Different Types Of Eye Sugery

There are a number of different types of eye surgeries including refractive surgery, corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, and oculoplastic (cosmetic) surgery.

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How minutes a day can change your life

The Secret was a craze that sent the world crazy. The notion was good but did it really make things right for you? The 101day challenge picks up where The Secret left off and turns a concept into a personal reality. Reading heaps of self help books never really helps you for the long term.

The gains are short lived and often you get information overload and you just give up - well at least I often do. Don't get me wrong self help books are great and I still read them but they are not the total solution to personal change. I never realised this until I discovered the most amazing tool on the planet that does not require me to read heaps of self-help books, watch movies, subscribe to chat rooms or subscriptions and best of all did not cost me all my arms and legs! (unless I want to). Here is my story about how I have challenged myself to make changes in my life and it only has taken me 10 minutes a day. I am a pretty positive person.

But I have flaws that hold me back - sound familiar? I was introduced to the 101 Day Challenge by a friend who had been doing it for his excessive consumption of alcohol. He didn't like what he became when he drank and when he started to drink he found he could not stop. He felt that the drinking was holding him back from developing his business. During the challenge he found his desire to drink was decreasing and his business had started to pick up. By the time he completed the challenge he was feeling fitter and healthier than ever and his business was well on track again.

I reckon at this point now you would be saying yeah so what anybody can do that - right? Well the truth is all the will-power in the world will not stop an addictive person from being addictive if they don't understand more about themselves - that is why the 101 Day Challenge is so unique. The 101 Day Challenge is not a miracle cure - I could see that. What it was simply that my friend had learnt to understand himself better therefore making the change - albeit subliminally. Sounds easy doesn't it? So I decided to do the 101 Day Challenge myself.

I tend to have far too many things on the go at once. I don't focus hard enough on one thing at a time and on top of that I have serious cash flow problems. When starting the challenge I felt quite good but as the challenge progressed I learnt more about myself and how I needed to learn to change to make the change. Here is my challenge! As I have progressed through my challenge I have been surprised at the changes in myself. I have renewed my outlook, come up with fresh ideas to increase my business and become more tolerant.

My main challenge - to focus on tasks to completion - a HUGE challenge for me. So I am currenlty using the 101 Day Challenge to overcome this flaw. My problem is I get bored very easy so I tend to start things and not finish them. But, I have had much success and in turn much pride in being able to use the challenge to complete 2 terrific projects.

Pre 101 Day Challenge. I have always said I hate sewing but early this year my husband convinced me that I would be good at it and that I needed a creative hobby. So I took that on board and purchased a sewing machine and a flash sewing table/cabinet. My excitement soon started to wane and the usual boredom set in and it is at that point I spoke to my friend about his 101 Day Challenge.

The Challenge. With renewed vigor and the challenge started I procured a battered old stool to match my sewing table and took on the task of creating a new seat cover and repainting and repairing the base. It took 2 weeks of dedicated work and every time I waned in my enthusiasm I turned to the challenge. The finished product was amazing and very inspiring. I then took on internet sewing classes. Again a challenge for me because I am so impatient.

But the thing with sewing you have to learn the technique before you can complete something. My next challenge was to make a bag and a skirt. I will come back to the bag. the skirt however was a huge challenge because I chose to make a skirt that was way beyond my skills. Still I pursued the task and completed it and yes I have worn it with pride.

The bag. well I now challenge myself to finish it as I put it in the too hard basket - so, this weekend I challenge myself to complete my cute little bag. Yes I reckon you would think anybody could do this but if you are the kind of person that starts something and doesn't finish it because your bored or it is too hard you need to understand why.

The 101 Day Challenge helped me understand my inability to complete a task and I now know the pride and joy of learning a new skill with the confidence to keep going. The best way to do the 101 Day Challenge is to challenge one aspect of your life you want to change at a time. I have found the flow on from this has been fantastic. Whilst my challenge may seem pretty basic it is extremely important.

By learning to be focused on my tasks I reap the rewards in other ways. I have now started to see opportunities arise in my business, my negotiation skills are more patient and compassionate, and I am seeing signs of my cash flow improving. Challenge yourself, change your life join me on the 101 Day Challenge.

Katherine Quirke is an Australian based business entrepreneur. She has worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and owned a number of businesses over the last 20 years. Sharing her knowledge has become a passion. Learn more about the 101 day challenge and more about my business.

LASIK Eye Surgery

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