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The Different Types Of Eye Sugery

There are a number of different types of eye surgeries including refractive surgery, corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, and oculoplastic (cosmetic) surgery.

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Choose Foods that will Prevent Cancer

The "Health Ranger", Mike Adams, Reveals Startling Nutrition Secrets. Every year, the FDA and CDC release frightening statistics: "One in every three men will contract some form of cancer;" "one in every nine women will get breast cancer." But "The Health Ranger," Mike Adams, claims his risk of getting cancer is "close to zero." Why? His commitment to natural health and good nutrition helps his body heal itself. "This is vital information that people need to hear in order to help them improve their health and life," says Craig Pepin-Donat.

The following is just a small portion of the life-saving advice renowned author Mike Adams offers during the Symposium. Are you ready to lower your cholesterol levels and prevent cancer, heart disease and diabetes the natural way? Craig Pepin-Donat: You stated that your 'risk of getting cancer is as close to zero as you can possibly get in modern society today.' How did you accomplish this? Adams: I don't eat any cancer-causing foods.

In fact, I eat anti-cancer foods. Here's something cool - there's an active ingredient in turmeric, which is an ingredient in curry, known as curcumin. Curcumin causes cancer tumors to be unable to grow by destroying the blood vessels that feed those tumors, making the tumors die inside your body. If you combine curcumin with black pepper, it multiplies the effectiveness of curcumin by 1,000 times. It makes it the most potent natural chemotherapy you can ever undergo. You eat curry and pepper, and add some broccoli, and for the next 48 hours, your body will be destroying cancer tumors better than any chemotherapy known to modern science.

Pepin-Donat: But, there's no money in curry and black pepper, is there? Adams: There's no money in it. There are literally hundreds of different things that can vastly improve your health or even cure serious disease. In my research, Craig, most of the pharmaceuticals out there are obsolete, and there's so much healing potential in super foods and nutritional therapies that you can use to become an incredibly healthy human being. I'm an example of that. I'm 38 years old, and.

have a LDL cholesterol level of 67, HDL of 62, resting pulse of 48, and perfect vision. I'm demonstrating.what these super foods can do to enhance your health. Pepin-Donat: Mike, a lot of people, including some respected physicians, say the science behind herbs and other natural formulas is not supported by substantial evidence. What would you say to that? Adams: The Chinese formulated a system of medicine over 5,000 years ago. Today's doctors have only been practicing a system of medicine that's been around for 150 years.

But today's doctors say, "All that evidence from the past doesn't count anymore." The only evidence that counts is what they say counts. They don't really have an honest system of assessing evidence.

Most of the studies conducted on nutritional supplements by conventional medical researchers were conducted on the synthetic, artificial versions of those vitamins. If you take vitamin E from the outer coating of the almond nut or from the nut meat, that's a natural form of vitamin E, which is extremely good for cardiovascular health and mental health. Two years ago, headlines said vitamin E will kill you. How did they come up with that? [Researchers] found a group of heart patients who were about to die, and gave them synthetic vitamin E. Synthetic is, molecularly, very different from natural vitamin E.

Some of these heart patients dropped dead. They said that was conclusive evidence that vitamin E would kill you. This is how they discredit nutritional supplements.

There are still junk supplements out there. We have to be informed and educated enough to be able to tell the difference. Pepin-Donat: What are some of the top natural recommendations that you could give the average person? Adams: You become what you eat. The fat molecules in the membranes of the cells in your body are replaced from time to time, and they're replaced with the fat molecules that you are eating. If you are eating fatty junk food, such as fried foods, processed fats, and hydrogenated oils, that will end up being the membranes of your cells. If you're eating natural oils from raw avocados, raw nuts and seeds, cold pressed olive oil, and even raw, unrefined coconut oil, that's going to become your cell membranes, and you're going to function at a much higher level.

Think about this: You probably do not want the cells in your body to function like Burger King? Or, do you want your cells to work like a serene waterfall in the tropics, full of life and biodiversity? You can turn to processed foods or you can turn to Mother Nature. Your body was built to be compatible with Mother Nature, not to be compatible with pharmaceuticals and junk foods. Copyright (c) 2008 Craig Pepin Donat.

Craig Pepin-Donat is uniquely qualified to speak on issues of health and fitness. With over a quarter century of experience, Craig led several high profile fitness organizations as president and as executive vice president for the world's largest fitness organization, 24 Hour Fitness. You can learn more about Craig Pepin-Donat at http://www.ThePeoplesGuidetoHealth.com or at http://www.FitAdvocate.com.

LASIK Eye Surgery

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