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The Different Types Of Eye Sugery

There are a number of different types of eye surgeries including refractive surgery, corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, and oculoplastic (cosmetic) surgery.

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Aerobics is Addictive

What is an addiction but an eternal search for sensations that you have experienced earlier? Though the chemicals required to tap such sensations exist in our brain, we fail to reach them due to our ignorance, It is much easier to smoke a cigarette, pour out a peg, inject heroin into the veins. Yet, healthy regular aerobic workouts can replace such unhealthy drugs. Once the body and brain grasp these pleasurable sensations, they will be reluctant to let go of their fix.

You will find that you actually crave for exercise. The reasons why people get addicted to drugs are complex - escape from perceived pain fuelled by frustration a search for an anaesthesia to dull the mind and numb it to one's self, the allure of a fantasy world that is as removed from reality as possible. It's not that the drug addict becomes blind to his circumstances, it's just that he tries to shut the door on them. It reminds us of a child in our residential society.

Left alone in the bedroom, she came across a box of matches and began lighting them. The bedding caught fire, Instead of sounding the alarm, she shut the bedroom door and played in the living room. The result: the bedroom was gutted. Drugs gut our insides, ourselves, trapping us in vile tentacles of our own making.

But a healthy addiction to aerobics works in quite the reverse way. It frees us from viewing our circumstances as painful. It allows the flow of new ideas.

Its allure is tenfold compared to that created by drugs for it makes reality a joyous experience. Instead of numbness, there is a higher state of alertness and a positive self-awareness. It is not a prison but a prism that aliows all the glorious hues and shades of life to shine through our being.

It does not destroy but heals. When you exercise, imagine there are energy particles rising and circulating in a rhythmic dance all through your body. They ignite tiny sparks of inspiration in your mind. And you will want to catch those sparks every time because they are created by you, because they are natural ingredients housed within you, When you experience such powerfully potent forces working inside you, all the previous hurt and rejection becomes inconsequential.

Your real world lies within you and in realising that you sniff at the security of its permanence. It's irrevocable.

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LASIK Eye Surgery

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